New Approach to online Admissions

Given the extraordinary disruptions we’re experiencing as a community, it’s important to ease out our admissions practices as fair and transparent as possible. Keeping in view the unprecedented challenges students have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic now they have to visit different institutions for getting admission in their next class. So here we provide an online facility to get registered with participating institutions. With single account a student can apply to as many institution and groups as he/she likes. Your phone and email will not be shared with any of these institutions, it is you who can decide whether to share your phone or email with any of the institute.


International Islamic School System

Naval Anchorage Society, Islamabad

Phone: 03334540764

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The Stairs Montessori & School

590 - A, Khurram Colony Near Service Road Rawalpindi

Phone: 0331-5354719   0333-5274873        Email:


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Startwell Education

St#1, Bostan Road, Ch. Jan Colony, Rawalpindi

Phone: 5508278

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City Grammer School

Afshan Colony

Phone: 0515790210   0515124700        Email: 0515124723

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New Spring Field Education System

Shah Faisal Colony, Rawalpindi

Phone: 051-5955401

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Islamabad Model College For Boys

Johar Road, Near Post Office F-8/4 Islamabad

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Amarath School

H.No. 55 Street No. 10 Afshan Colony Rawlpindi Cantt

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Oriental Grammar School, Kindergarten

334-A Lane 5, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi

Phone: 051-5463199

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Muhammad Ali Jinnah Public School

24-D, 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

Phone: 4457372

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Eden Hall High School

Lane 5, Harley Street, Rawalpindi

Phone: 051 5580235

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Aisha Lasani Model School

Muslim Town, KRL Road, 8 No. Chungi, Rawalpindi

Phone: 4477500   4471241


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Al-Falah Public School

ZA-183/B, Mazharabad, Union Council 02, Railway Workshop Road, Rawalpindi

Phone: 03215068611   03215836955        Email:

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